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Personality Differences Between Male & Female Sugar Gliders

Sugar gliders are small marsupial opossums from Australia and parts of Indonesia and New Guinea. Even though they look like squirrels and they glide through the air, sugar gliders are not related to flying squirrels. Many breeders believe that gender is less important than other factors in determining personality, including environment and owner, but males and females do have some divergent traits.

Sugar Glider Temperament

Sugar gliders have unique and interesting personalities. They can be quite curious and may search all corners of their cage for something to get into. Once bonded to a human, they can be very affectionate and playful; they will actually seek human attention once they've bonded. They will snuggle during the day, becoming more active and curious at night. Both male and female sugar gliders can be equally sweet and curious, but each will be unique. Depending on how much time you spend with pet sugar gliders, the personality may vary; it is not necessarily dependent on gender.

Male Sugar Gliders

Male sugar gliders may be dominant when around other males, especially if there is a female present. They will mark their cages and decor by rubbing their scent glands or putting saliva on the objects. They will also rub on other sugar gliders and people, claiming them as theirs. Males can be more outgoing and curious with new people and new things, which make them bond easier.

Female Sugar Gliders

Female sugar gliders are less territorial than males; they do not mark their cages or people. Breeders say that females are less likely to explore new places and are shyer than males when strangers are around. Females are cuddlier than male sugar gliders. Not all females are shy; you may find that some females are just as likely to explore and be outgoing with strangers as some male sugar gliders.

Compare Individuals

Regardless of gender, sugar gliders have unique personalities. It's important to spend time with any sugar glider you're considering before bringing one home to determine whether the specimen will fit you personally. These social animals have life spans of 10 to 15 years, so you'll need to make sure to find a pet that fits you. Bonding will come easier, and your time together will be smooth.