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Length of Duration for Rabbit Estrus

i Jupiterimages/Photos.com/Getty Images

Despite how the old adage sounds, there is some credibility to the comparison of certain mating habits and rituals with that of the rabbit. When left to their own devices, it is possible for two healthy females and one healthy male rabbit to produce one offspring for every week of the year.

Always In Season

The term estrus refers to an animal in season, ovulating or in heat. Rabbits differ in that they do not have an estrus cycle. They ovulate once they are mounted by a male. The female can become impregnated any time, although it isn't recommended that she be bred before existing young are 4 weeks of age. As prey animals in the wild, rabbits breed to excess to preserve their species, but if you're planning to place two rabbits together to live in companionship, it may be best to know who is a doe and who is a buck.