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What Does a Lava Lizard Eat?

i Jupiterimages/Photos.com/Getty Images

Lava lizards are omnivores, meaning they eat both plants and insects. Their diet is widely dependent on their habitat and the climate. They mainly reside in Ecuador’s Galapagos Islands, where they’re treated to a variety of food options.


In general, lava lizards reside on the Galapagos’ western and central islands. They feed on insects, such as moths and flies. They also feed on arthropods, like ants and spiders. Lava lizards have been known to control insect populations. When the painted locust became overpopulated, lava lizards stepped in to eat their way through the population, thus bringing it under control. Some lava lizards make their home near humans and feed on scavenged human foods, like meat dropping and bread crumbs.


Climate plays a big part in what a lava lizard eats. When the environment dries out, insect populations decrease. In this event, lava lizards will resort to eating local fauna, such as cactus flowers, leaves and seeds.