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What Kind of Spiders Do Mud Daubers Eat?

i Hemera Technologies/PhotoObjects.net/Getty Images

Mud daubers aren't particular about the kind of spiders they consume -- as far as these wasps are concerned, all spiders are fair game. Different types of mud daubers do have spider preferences. These creatures don't just kill spiders, but paralyze their victims and bring them back to their mud nests.

Spider Preferences

Blue mud daubers like to capture and eat black widow spiders. Black and yellow mud daubers go for color, preying on crab spiders or other spiders with varied hues.

How They Work

Mud dauber wasps sting their spider prey -- they rarely sting people. The venom doesn't kill the spider, but paralyzes it. The female wasp does the hunting, while the male guards the nest. The preserved spider stays within the nest until the wasp larvae hatch. It provides the young wasps with a tasty meal.