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How to Train a Pet Monkey

| Updated September 26, 2017

Things You'll Need

  • Collar

  • Treats

  • Leash

How to Train a Pet Monkey. The idea of a trained monkey more than likely comes from images of friendly primates showing off in traveling circuses and in the movies. In reality, it can be quite challenging to train a monkey. Monkeys are among the smartest animals in the world. Often, they will refuse to be trained. However, with a little patience, you can succeed in having a relatively well-behaved pet monkey. Read on to learn how.

Train Your Pet Monkey to be More Tame

Purchase a collar or leash made of nylon rather than leather. Nylon is less likely to cut into your monkeys skin. Nylon is also more resistant to shrinkage when wet.

Allow your monkey to run around with its leash dragging behind it when your young monkey is out of its cage. This will help your pet monkey get used to wearing a leash and collar.

Tell your family and friends to give the monkey plenty of room. Monkeys are naturally suspicious. They may become upset when approached by people they do not yet know.

Attach your monkey's collar and leash before you remove it from its cage. This should help suppress the monkey's desire to dart out of the cage door every time you open it.

Keep a steady hand when offering your new monkey food. Sudden jerky movements can startle the monkey and slow the taming process.

Coax a frightened monkey out of its cage by offering a piece of food. Take your time and allow the monkey to come to you. This will help build a rapport between you. Close the door and try later if the monkey doesn't approach you in about 15 minutes.

Walk your monkey around the yard with its leash several times each day. This helps the monkey grow accustomed to the leash and to being outside of the cage.

Soothe a skittish monkey by sitting next to it and speaking quietly to it. This will help train the monkey to understand that you are a source of comfort when it is out of its cage.

Use a piece of food to entice your pet monkey back into its cage after the first time it has been outside the cage. This helps train your pet that the cage is its home.

Stay calm when your new monkey first bites you. Do not snatch back your hand, as this can further scare an already upset monkey. Grasp the monkey by its scruff (the fur and skin at the back of its neck). Then, calmly place the monkey back in its cage.


  • Always remove your monkey's leash and collar when it is inside its cage. Leashes can get tangled around your pet monkey and injure it. Never hold a monkey's food out of its reach. Monkeys are intelligent, and will see this as taunting. Such actions will erode your pet's trust in you.