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How to Sell Fish to a Fish Store

| Updated November 01, 2017

How to Sell Fish to a Fish Store. The fish supply business is a booming one, with millions of dollars spent every year on fish supplies and the fish themselves. If you have a good source of live fish and want to make a little bit of money, follow these steps to sell your fish to fish stores eager for high quality and reliable suppliers.

Make sure it's legal. Many US states and other countries require special licensing to even keep many species of fish. You need to find out local regulations regarding keeping and selling whatever kind of fish you plan on selling so that your fish-selling venture doesn't get you into hot water.

Choose the kind of fish you want to sell. Keeping and selling freshwater fish is a very different enterprise than keeping saltwater species. Decide what kind of fish you want to sell so you can prepare aquariums for keeping them and a means of transporting them.

Make sure your supply is stable. To keep both your fish store customers and your bank account happy, you should ensure that you can continue selling the fish. If you are looking to sell on a one-time basis, make sure that the fish is healthy and relatively young to get a reasonable price on the animal.

Speak with local pet and fish stores. The best way to start selling fish is to start locally. Local selling will minimize complex parts of the business such as inter-county or state tax and long distance transportation of the fish. Use your local yellow pages to get a rundown of all the relevant stores and go door to door until you get a bite.