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How to Repel a Dog Attack

| Updated September 26, 2017

Things You'll Need

  • Canine pepper spray

  • Stun baton

  • Stun gun

  • Taser

Sensing an overly aggressive dog and oncoming attack has its warning signs. When the dog begins to growl, shows its teeth and straightens its tail, this indicates aggressive behavior and poses a potentially dangerous problem. To prevent injury, there are several protective devices used by dog handlers and animal control workers to repel a dog attack.

Use a canine pepper spray, which is sold by a number of companies. Pepper spray is useful for joggers and walkers or any person who is confronted with an attacking dog. These sprays are EPA approved, non-lethal and safe to use on animals. A small burst of pepper sprayed in the dog's facial area causes a painful irritation that wears off after several minutes.

Immobilize a dog attack with a stun baton used by many animal control departments on aggressive dogs. The baton is 18 inches long and generates a high-voltage shock on contact, causing no permanent harm to the dog. The shock creates a loud cracking sound, which in itself may scare off the attacking dog.

Use a smaller stun gun to repel the dog at a closer range. A company called Streetwise sells a mini stun gun that is 3 inches long -- about the same size as a cell phone. This product is intended for dog walkers to carry for protection. It releases a powerful 1 million volts of shock with a loud cracking noise similar to the stun baton.

Stop an attack at a farther distance with a Taser C2 Personal Protector stun gun. The Taser C2 offers a shooting range of up to 15 feet by releasing two small probes, which shock the attacking dog. This taser uses the same technology as the law enforcement model delivering a high-voltage signal to cause neuromuscular incapacitation. The compact size is easy to carry and lightweight.