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How to Make a Hackamore With a Rope

| Updated September 26, 2017

Things You'll Need

  • Rope halter

  • Hackamore rope

A hackamore is an addition to a rope halter that converts it into a type of bridle, allowing a horse to be guided. Rope halters and hackamores are used by equestrians who practice natural horsemanship and prefer simple equipment. It is important to learn how to tie a hackamore in case they need adjusting for a different sized horse, need replacing or just happen to come loose. Rope hackamores work with any rope halter.

Hang the rope halter on a hook or post so the nose band faces down.

Separate the bands of rope above the knot so you have two strands in each hand. Each hand will hold one nose piece and one chin piece strand.

Feed the fluffy end of the hackamore rope from the bottom of the halter up in between the space that you opened with your hands so the end reaches towards your body. Hold this short, fluffy and and the right side of the halter in your right hand.

Wrap the long end of the rope up from the bottom and over to the right so it sits just above the knot and presses the fluffy end into the halter. Wrap a complete circle one to three times with two wraps for the average-sized horse. Each wrap should sit evenly above the previous wrap. When finished, the long end should hang towards the ground in its original position.

Bring the long end of the rope from the bottom up into the center of the halter towards your body so it forms a loop; these are your reins. Pull the long loop until it is about the length of your arm and make sure it is even without overlapping. The end of the long end does not get pulled through the halter and remains hanging towards the ground.

Pull the end of the long line to the left and up over the halter like you did with the original wraps. This wrap will sit snugly above the previous wrap with the reins hanging below it. Complete one and a half turns.

Open a small space on the under side of the halter between the bottom and top of the last loop. Feed the end of the rope from the top of the halter, over the top part of the loop and under the bottom part. Pull the end completely through the knot. The end of the rope is your lead rope.

Pull the lead rope and reins to tighten the knot.