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How to Make a Butterfly Cocoon Craft

| Updated October 19, 2017

Things You'll Need

  • Egg carton

  • Markers

  • Paint

  • Pipe cleaner

  • Thumb tack

  • Tape

  • String

  • Tissue paper

  • Glue


  • Don't hang your butterfly cocoon craft in your child's room before it has made it's transformation. You won't be able to get at it when she is sleeping. instead, hang it in a playroom or living room for easy access.


  • Paint works best for children age 4 and over. Crayons and markers aren't quite so messy and work better for 2 and 3 year olds.

A butterfly cocoon craft is a wonderful way to spend a rainy day inside with your child. Not only does it let your child explore his creative side, it also teaches him a thing or two about nature. Organized crafts also allow you to spend quality time with your child instead of sitting her down in front of the television. You don't have to be an extra crafty parent to help your child with this cocoon. In fact, anyone who reads this article can easily make their own butterfly cocoon all children love.

Cut the lid off of your egg carton and cut the bottom of the carton lengthwise, down the two rows of six slots. Then, cut each section in half so that you now have four caterpillars with three humps. You can make these all at once or save the extra for another rainy day.

Have your child color her egg carton with markers or paint. Let her creativity flow during this step. Multicolored caterpillars are wonderful, but so are caterpillars that are just green or brown. Let your child choose the color.

Add two little pipe cleaners for antenna on one end. You could also put little googly eyes on the caterpillar. This will make your butterfly cocoon craft actually look like a caterpillar.

Place the caterpillar in a brown paper bag and roll the opening shut. This is the cocoon. Explain to your child what a cocoon is and that caterpillars change into butterflies inside of cocoons. Tape a piece of string to the bag and attach it to the ceiling with a thumb tack. Here it can hang for a day or more.

Wait until your child has left, or is sleeping, and cut out two large wings from tissue paper. Then, open your child's bag and glue them to his caterpillar to make a butterfly. Then, a day or two later, tell your child to see if his caterpillar has changed at all. When he opens his butterfly cocoon craft it he will be amazed.