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How to Get Rid of Army Ants

| Updated September 26, 2017

Things You'll Need

  • Bleach

  • Apple cider vinegar

  • Raid or other pest control product

  • Cornmeal or cream of wheat

Army ants can be a horrific pest if they get into your home. There are many steps, however, that can be taken to get rid of them. Read on to find out how to rid your house of army ants.

Sprinkle cornmeal in your doorways and around anthills. Army ants love cornmeal, yet they cannot digest it properly. They will eat it, swell up and die.

Sprinkle Cream of Wheat where your ants are going to find it. This, again, is another food product that an ant cannot digest and it will kill them.

Use a spray, such as Raid or other ant control formulas, to kill off any ants already inside the home. Make sure to follow the instructions carefully and seal off the rooms after use according to instructions.

Clean your home with bleach thoroughly. Ants hate bleach and it will keep them out of your home and off the surfaces you have cleaned.

Kill ant nests directly by pouring apple cider directly down the anthill.

Repeatedly flood the nests with a garden hose. While this may take a couple days, the surviving ants will eventually look for a new home.

If the army ant infestation is too severe, call in an expert. You may need to have your house fumigated, which may be costly. However, it should completely rid your home of ants and most professionals give a guarantee for their methods.

Always keep your house neat and clean so that ants don't come in search of crumbs and garbage. Your garbage should be taken out daily and tied up tightly, as well.


  • Keep all surfaces clean so ants do not have any food sources to find. Ants love sweets, so be sure to throw away candy wrappers immediately.


  • Keep all pest-control products away from children. Use gloves and a mask when spraying.