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How to Diaper a Goat

| Updated August 11, 2017


  • Goats can be house-trained to urinate outdoors.

For those who keep a goat as an indoor pet, diapering it is the ideal way to control feces. Goats can be house-trained to a point, but they can't learn how to control their feces. Unlike dogs and cats, goats defecate randomly. They do not plan to defecate; it just happens as they move around. Other animals, like cats and dogs, make a conscious thought to eliminate and therefore can be house-trained. Diapers come in handy for catching a goat's mess, especially when it is young and has sticky poo that is difficult to clean up. As they mature, goats have feces that are dry and easily swept up; diapering, therefore, becomes optional, depending on the household.

Hold the diaper over the goat's rear, as you would an infant's, to get an idea of where the tail hole will go. Ensure the sticky sides of the diaper are under the goat. Note where the tail is and remove the diaper.

Cut a slit, about 2 inches long, in the diaper for the tail to slide through. Make a smaller slit for baby goats.

Sit down and put the goat across your lap with its head on the right side and tail on the left.

Grasp the goat's two back legs by the ankles to hold it still and slide the tail through the slit in the diaper. Have someone help you if you can't do this one-handed.

Pull the diaper up snugly around the goat and pull back the sticky tabs on the underside, one at a time. Use the sticky tabs to close the diaper. The diaper should be tight enough not to fall off but not so tight that you can't fit a finger between the goat and the diaper.