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How to Deal With a Pigeon Problem

| Updated September 26, 2017

Things You'll Need

  • Spike strips

  • Screens

  • Scarecrow

Pigeons are cute and can be fun to feed, but they can cause damage to your house and car with their droppings and nests. If you want to get rid of a pigeon problem, you have to make your area as uncomfortable for the pigeons as you can, so they will move their nests to calmer waters.

Don't let the pigeons land. If your roof or deck or balcony is uncomfortable for the pigeons' feet, they won't land there. There are spike strips available at your local hardware store or home improvement center. Any place that pigeons land or perch can be covered with spike strips or wrapped with wire, which will make them look for more comfortable surroundings.

Block off their nesting areas. You may have eaves or nooks in your home that are attractive to nesting pigeons. You can block these areas off with screen or chicken wire so they will not be able to nest. If pigeons like to nest in your drains be sure to cover those with wire also or you may end up with a water problem.

Call an exterminator. Often exterminators will have ways of getting rid of your pigeon problems, either with legal chemicals or deterrents. Exterminators are experts on getting rid of pests, if you are uncomfortable doing it yourself or your methods aren't working, give the exterminator a call.

Put up a scarecrow. A scarecrow that moves or looks like natural predator may keep pigeons at bay. Cats and dogs also make great scarecrows; let them out where the pigeons perch once in a while if possible.

Remove food sources. Keep your garbage inside the home or tightly lidded. If pigeons are finding feasts on your property they are not likely to want to leave for very long. Do not let children feed the pigeons.