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How to Cure Mites

| Updated September 26, 2017

Mites are microscopic and often go unnoticed, until you or your pets start to itch. Mite bites can cause skin rashes, bald patches and allergies in both animals and humans. The most commonly known mites are the house dust mites and the demodex mites that live near the hair follicles of humans and animals alike. Scientific and natural methods can be used to cure mites to prevent their growth, and remove them from pets. Care should be taken when using medication to ensure safety.

Use essential oils to get rid of mites. Demodex mites live off the oils secreted on the hair follicles and on the faces of animals and people. Some of the skin conditions that occur in humans and animals like rosacea, scabies-like dermatitis and hair loss are now being attributed to demodex mites. Essential oils such as tea tree oil and seabuckthorn oil can help to cure these. Both of these essential oils are used as an ingredient in shampoos, lotions and creams. These essential oils can only be used on humans.

Spot mites on your pets. When your pets scratch due to excessive itching and you see bald patches or red patches on their skin, it is likely that they are infested with mites. The condition is called red mange. A trip to the vet will ensure your pet gets the proper treatment. These range from antibiotics, corticosteroid medications, antibacterial ointments or Amitraz dips.

Use medicine to cure mites. It is not dust mites that cause the allergic reaction in some humans, but their excretion that contains several protein substances, which trigger the body to release histamine. Antihistamines and decongestants are known remedies to cure mites.

Prevent mites from occurring. A good way to cure mites is to keep your pets and your house clean with regular vacuuming. Wash the bedding and curtains often and regularly clean stuff toys, cushions and artificial flowers. Use wood and plastic furniture whenever possible, Hanging the bedding and pillows out in the sun for a few hours will also help cure mites. Allow fresh air to circulate inside your home regularly.