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How to Control Fleas in Feral Cats

| Updated September 26, 2017

Fleas can be a major problem when you have any animals sharing living space. With feral cats, fleas are easily spread and hard to get rid of. Allowing fleas to stick around is dangerous, because fleas promote diseases in the cats and create unhealthy environments for everyone. It is important to figure out how to get rid of fleas with feral cats.

Identify where the flea problem is coming from. Do you notice it on only one or two animals, or can you notice it on all cats? Identifying how many cats have fleas will help you control the problem.

Approach any cats who will allow you to hold them and attach flea collars to these animals. Ask a vet or a rescue organization to donate collars or to help you find funding to buy them.

Use humane cat traps to trap cats too feral to pick up. Take cat traps to the vet and have the vet administer flea medications to the cats one by one. Ask the vet for the longest-lasting flea medications. Release the cats back into their element.

Clean out any areas such as sheds, garages or backyards where cats tend to congregate. Spray all of the areas where cats live with a safe insecticide and flea killer. Clean out and spray down cat houses, cat crawl spaces and every area that feral cats live.

Remove all cloth bedding or blankets and throw them away. Replace them with clean used towels and blankets. Do not wash bedding and return it, because chances are that all of the fleas will not be killed.

Change food and water dishes used to provide feral cats with fresh food and water. Check dishes twice a day. Throw out old food, replace it with new food and change the water.

Use a plant-safe flea and tick killer on all areas of the lawns, yards and gardens where feral cats tend to roam.


  • Cats that have constant flea infestations can be shaved in hot months.