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How to Build an Owl House

| Updated November 01, 2017

Things You'll Need

  • Wood or other construction materials

  • Tools

How to Build an Owl House. If you want to make an owl house to provide a potential home for a nearby owl, you need to know what owls look for in a home. If owls decide to take up residence in the owl house, then you will probably get to enjoy their presence from time to time.

Understand that there really isn't one set way to make an owl house. Different species of owls have different preferences and may need homes of varying sizes.

Determine that you have a suitable place on your property for an owl house. Humans cause disruption to owls, and the house should be at least 100 feet away from any human movement.

Realize that the most common owls that you may have a chance of attracting are the screech owl, the barred owl and the Barn owl. The house should measure approximately 14 inches wide on all sides and 28 inches deep for the Barred Owl. The screech owl needs a house that is about 8 inches wide on all sides and 12 inches deep. Barn owls can be different sizes, so their houses may be anywhere from 1 to 2 feet square.

Remember that the most common material used to make owl houses is wood. However, you can also make one from plastic and may even be able to reuse a large plastic container and turn it into an owl house.

Know that owls like a circular hole leading into their house. Circular holes are usually the best choice for the owl and must be large enough for the owl to enter. You should research the types of owls that live in your area so that you will know how large to make the house and the entrance hole.

Make the roof slanted so that rain runs away from the house. Also, put a ledge in the front a few inches below the entrance. This is just in case your owls have babies; the owlets have a better chance of not falling out of the nest onto the ground.

Put a 2-inch layer of wood chips inside the box. This will make the box most comfortable for a nesting female and provide cushioning and insulation for the eggs. Now it is time to mount the owl house.