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How to Build a Butterfly Cage

| Updated September 26, 2017

Things You'll Need

  • Plastic mesh netting—6 feet long and 48 inches wide

  • String—one 6-inch piece and one 18-inch piece

  • Two cardboard circles, each 12 inches in diameter

  • Glue

  • Branch

  • Small milkweed plant (optional)

  • Shallow dish

Butterflies are beautiful creatures that enhance the garden. Building a butterfly cage is easy. Some butterfly cages can be hung vertically and make the amazing development of the butterfly fun, entertaining and easy to observe. The most common type of butterfly is the Monarch. Caterpillars can be obtained from your own garden, which is even more fun. Watching butterflies emerge from their cocoons is always an enchanting experience. Monarch butterflies enjoy milkweed, so you may want to include a small plant in your in cage. You can also include some sugar water as butterfly food.

Make A Tube

Take the mesh netting and make sure that it is a rectangle. Trim as needed. Roll it into a tube so that the netting overlaps by 6 inches.

Tie one end of the netting securely using a string about 6 inches long. This will be the bottom of the cage. Use the other piece of string, the longer one to tie the other end, leaving long pieces. Tie the long pieces together to make a loop. The loop will enable you to hang the butterfly cage.

Reach between the overlapping pieces of netting and place a cardboard circle at the bottom of the tube. Make sure it is level. The branch and small dish will rest on this piece. Take the other cardboard circle and place it at the top. The top circle can be held in place with glue. Hang the cage from the loop.

Place a small branch vertically on the bottom of the tube. A small milkweed plant can also be placed in the tube. Butterflies need a place to perch.

The small dish filled with sugar water can be placed on the bottom of the cage. Butterflies need food.