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How Does an Automatic Fish Feeder Work?

| Updated September 26, 2017

What Does an Automatic Fish Feeder Do?

An automatic fish feeder is designed to dispense the right amount of food into your aquarium at a certain time each day. Some can be set to deliver the food more than once a day. This helps make sure your fish are fed when they need to be fed in case you go away on vacation or you simply forget.

How Are Automatic Fish Feeders Operated?

Automatic fish feeders are either battery operated or run on electricity through a power cord. The advantages of battery operated fish feeders is there is no worry of electrical shock or power outages. The advantage of electrical power feeders is there is no worry about the battery dying.

How Do Automatic Fish Feeders Work?

Each feeder has a varying number of chambers to pre-fill with food. The feeder will rotate the chambers on a clock mechanism so the food drops into the aquarium at a predetermined time. This allows the fish to be fed on a regular basis without overfeeding.

What are the Advantages of Automatic Fish Feeders?

The main advantage to automatic fish feeders is that you can rest easy knowing that your fish will be fed whether you are home or away. Other advantages, depending on which model you choose, are that you can feed your fish different types of fish food either by mixing flakes and pellets together or by buying a feeder with separate chambers.

What are Some Disadvantages?

Some lower priced models of automatic fish feeders allow moisture to get into the feeder, which will clump the food together instead of keeping it in flake or pellet form. Look for fish feeders that will allow the moisture to escape the feeder.

How Do the Automatic Fish Feeders Mount on the Aquarium?

The mounting technique will vary depending on which model of fish feeder you purchase. Some have mounting brackets that will hook onto the edge of the aquarium while others have suction cups the will attach to the inner walls of the aquarium.

How Do I know Which Fish Feeder is Right For Me?

Visit online forums or your local pet store to see what other fish experts have to say. Research different types of automatic fish feeders to find one that is right for your needs. Look for retailers that offer a guarantee or a return policy in case you find that the automatic fish feeder you purchased does not suit your needs.