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Holistic Home Remedies for Feline Respiratory

| Updated September 26, 2017

Just like humans, cats can suffer from upper-respiratory infections. Felines catch colds and even suffer from allergies. The Earth Clinic website (earthclinic.com) says, feline respiratory infections are common in households with multiple cats. When your cat is breathing heavily or sniffling, this is an indication that his sinuses are irritated. This is commonly seen in cats like Persians that have been bread to have squished faces. Thankfully, there are holistic home remedies to help your cat breath easier.


The Dr. Schoen website (drschoen.com) recommends giving your cat echinacea to treat upper-respiratory infections. Echinacea is an herb that can also be used to boost humans' immune systems. This herb works by increasing your cats resistance to infections and disease. You can find this herb at the health food store. Add dried echinacea herbs to wet cat food. If your cat doesn't have an appetite you can also buy echinacea in liquid tincture form. Use a syringe to give your cat five or more drop of echinacea each day.

Peruvian Bark

The Earth Clinic website recommends giving your cat Peruvian bark to help her fight a respiratory infection. Peruvian bark is a medicinal herb that is safe for both humans and felines. This treatment can be found at your local health food store or online. You can buy this herb in dried or tincture form. If you find dried herbs add them to your cat's food. If you buy the tincture, add five drops of Peruvian bark to your cat's water dish. This herb will boost your cats immune system and help her get over a cold or respiratory infection faster.

Phosphate of Iron

The Earth Clinic website also says phosphate of Iron used in addition to Peruvian bark will help to relieve symptoms from sinusitis and other effects of the virus. Phosphate of iron is a homeopathic treatment found in most health food stores or online. In addition it is vital that you encourage your cat to eat or drink throughout the day. Dehydration can set in very easily if a cat is not drinking water regularly. If your cat refuses to drink, use a syringe to get some water in his tummy.