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Hanging a Birdcage

| Updated September 26, 2017

Things You'll Need

  • Hanging birdcage

  • Stud finder

  • Pencil

  • Drill

  • Ceiling hook

  • Stepladder

A hanging birdcage adds a decorative touch to a room and allows your pet to live somewhere high above the ground where it is natural for a bird to be. Hanging your cage also means that you do not have to sacrifice a large space on a counter or table. Furthermore, it keeps your bird away from cats and young children. A hanging birdcage comes with a hook on the top that you allows you to secure the cage to a chain hooked to the ceiling. Do not attempt to hang a cage that is not designed for hanging.

Select a location for your birdcage. Choose a place without anything underneath it that could be ruined by water or food that your bird may expel from the birdcage. The place should be somewhere that you will not bump into the cage when you walk by and somewhere that allows you to easily sweep up any mess.

Locate a safe place to hang your cage with a stud finder. Flip on the power switch and listen for the beep that lets you know the stud finder is ready. Step onto the stepladder to reach the ceiling. Hold the stud finder flat against the ceiling, press the locator button down and move it slowly across the area you selected for your birdcage. Stop when the lights on your stud finder turn red, which indicates it has found a stud. Mark the spot with your pencil.

Drill a hole on the marked spot on the ceiling to create a hole for the ceiling hook. Insert the hook and screw it in by hand until the threads are no longer visible.

Hang a chain from the ceiling hook and then hang the birdcage from the chain. Adjust the length of the chain if necessary so that your birdcage is high enough to be safe from predators and low enough that you do not need a ladder to get to it.


  • If you cannot find a convenient, secure place on your ceiling to hang a birdcage, purchase a hanging birdcage stand instead. A stand saves you the hassle from hanging the hook, but it does take up more floor space. Place the stand somewhere that children or dogs will not be able to knock it down. Some stands are meant to fit in a corner. These save space and might be safer for your bird. Also, more legs on the stand mean it has a sturdier base, so get a four-legged stand if you have the room.