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Foxes That Live in Temperate Grasslands

| Updated September 26, 2017

Foxes are omnivorous mammals of the Canidae family, which includes wolves, coyotes, jackals and the domesticated dog. Some species of foxes are found in grassland habitats as well as other types of habitats, while some species of foxes can only be found in grassland areas.

Red Fox

Red foxes are a species of fox readily found in many different habitats, especially grasslands. These foxes are a reddish brown color, with a long bushy tail that aids the fox in balance, much like a cat's tail. Red foxes are hardy, and readily adapt to surrounding environments, which has given the red fox the reputation of being both cunning and intelligent. Red foxes are also opportunistic eaters, and will hunt anything from rodents, birds, small game, frogs, worms, fruits and vegetables, depending upon what the habitat offers.

Gray Fox

Another type of fox found in grasslands are the gray foxes, which also readily adapt to the surrounding environment like the red fox. Although shorter than the red fox, gray foxes are more aggressive, and are quick to defend the area chosen as home. Gray foxes often get confused with red foxes, and gray foxes possess reddish tufts of fur around the neck area and both ears. Gray foxes are also opportunistic feeders, and will readily hunt any small game, and even have the ability to climb trees after prey if the need arises.

Kit Fox

The kit fox is the smallest species of fox found in North America, and it can be found in Nevada, Colorado, New Mexico, Utah, Arizona, southeastern California and western Texas. Kit foxes resemble the gray fox, but they are smaller and not as dark gray. A kit fox favors a more arid climate, and therefore typically keeps within grasslands, desert scrub land and chaparral habitats. Kit foxes are mostly nocturnal, and have been known to feed on kangaroo rats, other small rodents, lizards, insects, snakes, fish and ground dwelling birds. Tomatoes, cactus fruits and other vegetation can be consumed by kit foxes if prey becomes scarce.

Swift Fox

Swift foxes can be found only in the Great Plains of North American. Swift foxes are a yellowish tan color, and are no bigger in size than the average house cat. Swift foxes are closely related to kit foxes, and hybrids of the two species have been found where territory of both breeds overlaps. A swift fox eats a variety of foods, but the main parts of a swift fox diet includes grasses and fruits, small mammals, insects and carrion, which is the carcass of another dead animal.