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The Best Equine Clippers for a Very Thick Bridle Path

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Certain breeds of horses grow an abundance of mane hair. The bridle path, a 4- to 5-inch strip of hair that extends from just behind the horse's poll, is a hallmark of a well-groomed animal when clipped. When it comes time to clip the bridle path, horse owners appreciate products that help accomplish the job with ease. Caregivers choose clippers based on affordability, convenience and the comfort of the horse.

Horse Comfort

Some horses object to having a bridle path clipped. Buzzing clippers nearing a horse's sensitive ears may cause the animal to lash out, potentially injuring his handler. Selecting a clipper set that runs quietly may be a priority for many caregivers, as the muted noise may cause less disruption. Another consideration that concerns many horse owners is the potential for clippers to overheat, which can burn a horse's skin and prolong a clipping job. Purchasing a clipper set that is of a good quality ensures an efficient trim every time.

Handler Comfort

Trimming a bridle path should take only a few minutes out of a person's day. When clippers are convenient to use, a bridle path can be efficiently clipped in very little time. Horse handlers may prefer cordless clippers for the sake of safety and convenience.

Tough Jobs

When selecting clippers for horses with abundant mane hair, the website HorseGroomingSupplies.org suggests, invest in a high-speed clipper set. Clipper speed is measured in strokes per minute or spm. Clippers with higher spm are well-suited to tackle even the thickest of bridle paths. Certain pony breeds such as the Welsh and the Shetland, and draft horses with heavy manes, may benefit from clippers with spm of 2,500 or above.

Frequency of Use

Show horses must be clipped often to maintain a neat appearance. Show and competition horses who need regular trimming warrant the purchase of a high-quality professional-grade clipper set that will last several seasons and can be used on multiple horses.