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The Top Brands of Saddles for Trail Horses

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Trail saddles are designed for comfort, but not just for the rider. Top companies focus on proper fit and flexibility for your horse. They also use quality materials and hardware and boast superior workmanship. Unlike some inexpensive imports, top brand trail saddles do not use glue, paper or inferior parts that can compromise the integrity of the saddle and your safety.

Tucker Saddlery

Tucker trail saddles are prized for their comfort and durability. Their signature feature is a multilayer gel cushion seat that is designed to absorb shocks and provide comfort for both the horse and the rider. Tucker saddles are made in the United States with real leather, flexible trees and durable hardware. The company has been making saddles for more than 30 years.

Circle Y

Circle Y is one of the most well-known saddle companies in the United States. The company features a line of lightweight trail saddles designed for comfort. Circle Y craftsmen conceived and designed an innovative type of flexible tree that is now used in nearly all popular trail saddles. For more than 50 years, Circle Y has produced hand-crafted saddles in the United States.


Rather than focusing on traditional leather saddles, Fabtron has built its reputation on synthetic saddles. These saddles are valued for their light weight, flexibility and ease of care. The light weight is ideal for individuals who have difficulty lifting a heavy saddle, and also reduce the load on the horse, which is especially important for lengthy trail rides. Flexible synthetic fenders are easy on a rider's knees and ankles. Fabtron saddles have been made in the United since 1977.

Dakota Saddlery

Dakota offers semi-custom trail saddles that are handcrafted in the United States Riders can choose the tree, leather type and color, padded or hard seat, type of fleece, tooling and regular or heavy oiling. Fenders also can be ordered in custom lengths. Dakota Saddlery has a line of lightweight trail saddles as well as heavy-duty models.

Other Popular Brands

Several other top saddle manufacturers in the United States also produce high-quality trail saddles, but are better known for their show, working or gaming saddles. These brands include Crates, Tex Tan, Reinsman, Billy Cook, King, Martin and HH Saddlery. Companies such as Wintec, Abetta and Simco also produce trail saddles, often with synthetic materials.