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How to Convert a Rabbit Hutch to a Chicken Coop

i Thinkstock Images/Comstock/Getty Images

Rabbit hutches and chicken coops share many of the same characteristics. It is not uncommon to see a rabbit hutch converted into a chicken coop or vice versa. With that said, rabbits and chickens have different needs in terms of what is required to provide proper daily care. You need to make sure your rabbit hutch is outfitted with everything a chicken needs to live comfortably before you decide to make your rabbit hutch into your chickens' new home.

Step 1

Measure your rabbit hutch and multiply the length of the coop by the width of the coop to determine the square foot measurement of the rabbit hutch. Make sure your hutch is large enough for your chickens to live in comfortably. Each chicken requires 4 square feet of space when the coop includes an outdoor run and 10 square feet of individual space when the birds live completely confined to the interior of the coop.

Step 2

Remove your rabbit's food dishes, water bottle, litter box and all other supplies so that the hutch is bare on the inside.

Step 3

Replace the rabbit supplies with a chicken waterer, feed dish, nesting boxes and a roosting post that is at least 2 inches wide and provides each hen with approximately 10 inches of space. Hang your waterer from the roof of the hutch so that it sits between 6 and 8 inches off the ground. Fill your nesting boxes with straw or another bedding material of your choice.