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Compatibility of Tiger Barbs & Cichlids

i Tom Brakefield/Stockbyte/Getty Images

Tiger barbs (Puntius tetrazona) are vigorous aquarium fish native to southeastern Asia. These family Cyprinidae minnows are full of vitality and, as a result, need to live in roomy, wide aquarium environments that are conducive to swimming in ease. Tiger barbs are frequently called "Sumatra barbs." In determining suitable tank mates for them, cross all cichlids off the list. Cichlids are way too risky for life next to tiger barbs.

Tiger Barb Details

Adult tiger barbs usually reach lengths of approximately 3 inches. Their bodies are gold or silver in coloring, with defined black streaks, hence their "tiger" labeling. Their fins also feature wide, bright orange borders. These tropical fish are omnivores who do not turn many types of foods down, whether brine shrimp, zucchini, bloodworms, daphnia or tubifex worms. Tiger barbs appreciate aquariums that are home to a lot of plants.

Tiger Barb Aggression

These sturdy fish sometimes display moderately aggressive tendencies, particularly when it comes to fish who are big and relatively sluggish in their movements. When around these types of fish, tiger barbs often resort to biting on their fins. Both angelfish and gouramis are common targets for this type of annoying tiger barb behavior. As a result, tiger barbs are not strong matches with either of these kinds of fish.

Tiger Barbs and Cichlid Compatibility

Although tiger barbs are not complete strangers to frustrating behavior themselves, they shouldn't be housed alongside fish who are particularly dominant or fierce, either. Cichlids can be described using both of those words. Simply put, tiger barbs and cichlids are not compatible as tank mates. Whether the cichlids come from the Americas or Africa, they aren't optimal for life alongside tiger barbs. Cichlids might behave truculently toward tiger barbs.

Other Tiger Barb Compatibility

Although tiger barbs aren't suitable alongside gouramis, cichlids or angelfish, they behave much better when they live among sizable schools. Since tiger barbs are significantly cozier and relaxed when in the midst of bigger schools, they aren't usually as compelled to disturb other fish in their surroundings. Tiger barbs need to live in schools composed of a minimum of seven fish. That way, they can spend their time partaking in playful chases, instead of zeroing in on and irking others. Outside of their specific species, tiger barbs generally can live harmoniously with rainbow fish, plecos and mollies.

Cichlid Compatibility Information

Since cichlids generally possess aggressive tendencies, tanks that consist exclusively of them are practical. Cichlids can live alongside other non-cichlid fish who are semi-aggressive, but only if they're roughly the same size. It's important to remember that cichlids are extremely diverse. Some can be as tiny as 2 inches long, while others can grow longer than a foot. Not all of them are compatible with with the exact same types of fish. Since all aquarium fish have different lifestyle demands, from water temperature to pH level, think about more than just disposition and size when determining your residents and their tank mates.