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Chewing Habits of the Mastiff

| Updated September 26, 2017

Mastiffs require different handling compared to other puppies. If you have brought home a mastiff puppy, you surely will be impressed by their easy going and calm nature. Yet, mastiffs need to be nurtured properly so that they develop good habits. Proper training and care of mastiffs is also necessary to stop their chewing habits.


Though mastiff dogs are known for their calm nature, they are not lazy. These dogs require adequate exercise to prevent boredom that may lead to destructive chewing habits. Remember, chewing or biting instincts are common to every dog and the best way to keep that under control is by engaging them in something else. A mastiff needs at least 30 minutes of exercise daily.

Sign of Teething

Find out whether your Mastiff is teething or not. It may start with chewing paws and later may start chewing or biting any soft thing it finds handy. Teething is accompanied with pain and mastiffs chew to get relief. If teething is the reason for your mastiff’s chewing habit, consult a vet to relieve teething pain.

New Surroundings

Like any other dog, mastiffs take some time in getting adjusted to new surroundings. When you have brought home a mastiff, spend quality time with the dog and help it feel comfortable in its new home. If it feels insecure in his new home, a mastiff may get anxious and develop chewing habit. Keep a watch on your dog and stop it whenever you find him chewing his paws.

Improper Training

Lack of training is one of the major factors leading to the development of destructive chewing habits. Keep the mastiff in a small room for its first few days in the new home so that it adjusts. Give it dog toys to play with to keep its mouth busy. Allowing a mastiff to move freely in the house from the first day may lead to damaged upholstery or cushions.