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How to Build a Sheep Feeder

i John Foxx/Stockbyte/Getty Images

The right sheep feeder will prevent waste and keep your sheep's fleece cleaner by making it difficult for them to pull hay out onto the ground. It also can help prevent disease in your flock. Your feeder needs enough access for the sheep to eat comfortably next to each other with enough restriction to keep them clean as they eat.

Step 1

Lay three of the 4-foot 2-by-4 boards on a clean working space with 4 feet of space between them, making up vertical boards for one side of the feeder. Place one 8-foot 2-by-4 board across the vertical boards 4 inches up from the base.

Step 2

Nail the 8-foot board to each of the vertical boards, using at least 2 nails for each board. Fasten two more horizontal boards, one 6 inches up from the lower board and one along the top of the vertical boards.

Step 3

Place one fencing mesh panel over the boards and staple to it each board using at least 10 staples per board. Trim any excess fencing with a wire cutter.

Step 4

Repeat the first three steps to make the second side of the feeder.

Step 5

Nail one 2 foot 2-by-4 to the edge of one completed side, aligning it with the second horizontal board from the bottom with three nails. Attach the second 2 foot 2-by-4 to the other edge of the feeder wall in the same place.

Step 6

Nail the second side of the feeder to the other end of the 2-foot 2-by-4 boards with at least three nails each.

Step 7

Lay the remaining three 8-foot 2-by-4 boards spaced evenly across the 2-foot boards to create the base to your feeder. Fasten each of them with three nails per board per side.

Step 8

Lay the plywood board across the final three 8-foot boards to complete the base. Fasten the plywood to the boards using either nails or the staple gun, with no more than six inches between each. Then, place the completed feeder up against the fence of your sheep pen and fill it with hay bales.