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AKC Teeter Board Specifications

| Updated September 26, 2017

Basic agility courses for canines consist of jumps, tunnels, teeters, weave poles and pause tables. The teeter board, also known as a seesaw, is a panel or plank of wood that is supported near the center by a base that serves as a point of rest. The American Kennel Club has strict specifications regarding teeters that assure safety for your dog during use.

Teeter Board Specifications

The specifications of the AKC approved teeter board state that the top surface of the board should be nonslip. The plank has to be 12 inches wide with a tolerance of 1 inch. It needs to measure 12 feet long and the base has to extend 2 inches past the sides of the plank with a gap that should not exceed 4 inches. When measured from the top of the board at the pivot point it has to be 24 inches, with the allowance to take an inch or 2 more or less, but no further. When in use the plank should hit the ground within 3 seconds when weight is placed 12 inches from the raised end. The teeter will provide your dog with increased flexibility, back strength, core strength and flexibility.