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At What Age Do Baby Hamsters Turn Into Adults?

i BananaStock/BananaStock/Getty Images

Like most other rodents, hamsters reach maturity quickly. That's why it's important to separate male and female hamster "pups" by the time they're 4 weeks old. Otherwise, you could end up with brothers and sisters mating and unwanted litters of baby hamsters. The age at maturity also varies by breed, with dwarf hamsters maturing later than the common Syrian hamster.

Baby Hamsters

For the first two weeks of life, baby hamsters are dependent on their mothers for food and warmth. They are blind and their fur hasn't completely grown in. By the following week, they can see and look like small adults. In their fourth week, they are weaned and their mother starts driving them off. That's the time to take them out of the cage and separate them by gender.

Living Alone

By the age of 12 weeks, all types of hamsters are mature. However, Syrian hamsters mature by the age of 5 weeks. Because this species is so territorial, you must keep each hamster in a separate cage or there could be fights to the death. Dwarf hamsters can be housed in same-sex pairs, but keep a close eye on them after the 12-week mark. That's when some dwarf hamsters turn territorial, so you'll have to separate them.