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Type of Incense to Get Rid of Fleas

| Updated September 26, 2017

Incense usually comes in sticks that emit a particular odor as they burn. It can also be found in the shape of a cone or a spiral. Incense can be used for many things, including getting rid of fleas. Fleas are known to dislike certain smells. All you have to do is purchase the incense in an odor that repulses the fleas.


One of the best types of incense to get rid of fleas in your home is lavender. This is because fleas hate the smell of lavender and will try to get away from it. Also, lavender is a scent that is pleasant to humans because of its natural calming effects. You won't mind smelling the incense as it is burning, and you may even want to continue using it after your fleas are gone. You can purchase a single stick of lavender or a box of 20. If you have a lot of fleas, lavender also comes in 200-stick packages. You can get them online if you do not have a store near you that sells incense.


Eucalyptus is another strong odor that fleas don't like. It will repel them and they will not want to stay in the rooms where you have it burning. Just burn the incense and keep vacuuming and cleaning your house (and your pet) until the fleas are gone. It can be burned as often as you need because it is good for your respiratory system. In fact, if you have a cold, eucalyptus can help you breathe a little easier. Eucalyptus also has antiseptic properties. You can expect to pay as little as $1 for a pack of 20.

Orange Peel Incense

There is something about the smell of oranges that most insects do not like. The flea is no exception. If you have a flea infestation, you will want to get yourself a few orange peel incense sticks and start burning them. Make sure to place the incense close to the ground where the fleas will smell it. Keep your house and your pet clean so that the fleas do not return. You may also want to scatter some orange peels around the infected room at the same time you are using incense sticks.


Colibri is a combination of scents formed into an incense stick specifically to get rid of insects, including fleas. These sticks are nontoxic and safe to use around pets and small children---as long as you watch that the burning sticks are not grabbed, which could cause a burn. You will find two of the above three ingredients in this combination. It is highly effective and can be purchased in almost any form, including cones and spirals.