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What Treats Do Roosters Like Best?

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Your rooster needs a balanced diet in order to stay healthy, but from time to time you may want to offer him treats as a reward or training tool, or to lure him away from the hens for a few minutes. Just about any food he doesn't get every day is a treat to your rooster, but he prefers some delicacies over others.


Your rooster will gobble up green leafy vegetables, such as lettuce, kale, cabbage and spinach, which are also good for him. You can offer the greens as a prepared treat between feedings, or you can turn him loose in your garden after you've harvested your fill. Leftover salad or limp greens that might otherwise go in the waste bin will also satisfy his cravings. Be sure that anything you offer has not been sprayed with pesticide.

Table Scraps

As long as they don't contain any foods that are dangerous to a rooster, you can offer table scraps in small portions. Your rooster will enjoy leftover meat, potatoes, rice, bread and even eggs. Feed table scraps sparingly, however, so that your rooster doesn't become overweight or decide to eat only table scraps and neglect his healthy food.


Your rooster will naturally hunt and snack on bugs when given the opportunity. You can satisfy his innate desire by offering him insects you find in the garden, lawn or flower beds. He will eat just about any type of bug, including spiders, caterpillars, beetles, moths, crickets and grasshoppers.


Fruit should be offered sparingly, but your rooster will enjoy it. Rooster favorites include banana, apple, berries, melons, peaches, plums and tomatoes. If he has loose stools after eating fruit, cut back on the amount you offer at one time.

Pasta and Grain

Pasta and grains can fatten up your rooster quickly, and so should be offered in very small amounts. Your rooster will enjoy cooked noodles, such as chopped up spaghetti, macaroni or risoni. He will eat just about any type of grain as well, including corn, wheat, oats or barley. These can be offered in natural form, or as processed foods such as leftover cereal or stale crackers.

Treats to Avoid

Treats that are dangerous to roosters include those that are high in salt or contain chocolate, avocado or caffeine. Potato peels may be offered in small amounts, but do not give your rooster a large amount at once. He should also never have anything that contains alcohol.