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How to Tell When a Rabbit Loves You

i Hemera Technologies/PhotoObjects.net/Getty Images

If a dog loves you, he might lick your face enthusiastically. If a cat loves you, she might head butt you several times in a row. Just like these furry guys, your pet rabbit also has his own ways of communicating his feelings of utmost adoration for you -- aww.


If your rabbit loves you, he might lick you. Licking is essentially the rabbit way of saying, "Not only do I feel affectionately toward you, I also have deep confidence in you." Note, however, that some rabbits simply don't lick. If your rabbit is free of this behavior, don't interpret it as being a sign that he doesn't care about you. Some bunnies just aren't big on licking in the first place.


If your pet rabbit softly chews on you, it also could be an expression of love and friendliness. Light chewing could be your pet's way of grooming and caring for you. This is nothing like painful, ouch-inducing nipping or biting, so don't mix the two up. Bunnies often do this as they lick you lovingly.


A lot of sweet feline actions are related to territorial patterns, and this also goes for rabbits. If your wee bunny massages his chin against you, not only is he labeling his "turf," he's also simultaneously indicating his strong positive feelings for you. He might be communicating something like, "I adore you so much that I want to designate you as my own." Rabbits' faces are equipped with scent glands. These glands are situated directly below their chins.


The rather amusing term "binky" describes a type of rabbit body language that signifies pure, unadulterated delight. A rabbit binky entails an abrupt hop followed by the outward striking of the legs or conspicuous turning of the physique -- an interesting sight to behold. If your pet does this around you, he's showing his giddiness. If he's that merry and spirited in your presence, then there's a good chance that he indeed loves you a lot.


If your bunny massages his wee nose onto you, he's probably telling you that he loves you. This affectionate behavior isn't at all restricted to interactions with humans, as many rabbits do it with each other, too. The gesture also sometimes is a desire for your undivided acknowledgement.