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Where Are Starfish Found?

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Starfish, with their remarkably famous shapes and bloodless bodies, are some of the planet's most enchanting and curious organisms. The starry marine invertebrates reside in areas all over the world, from the Atlantic Ocean to the Indian Ocean and beyond. They are also commonly referred to as sea stars as they are not legitimate fish.

Geographic Locations for Starfish

Starfish are all over the marine map. The creatures are prevalent in the Atlantic Ocean, the Arctic Ocean, the Indian Ocean and the Pacific. Some varieties of starfish live in the Mediterranean Sea, as well. If you want to go on a quest to spot a starfish, you have a lot of options whether you live in North America, Asia or almost anywhere else. Be alert for a few key identifying features of the creatures, including their unmistakable star forms, numerous rays or arms, and conspicuously prickly looking skin.

Diverse Natural Habitats of Starfish

Starfish appear in a lot of different settings, such as near docks and in the lower portions of bays, within tide pools and lagoons, n ikelp forests, by surf grass and sea grass beds, and on rugged coastline. Do not be surprised if you happen upon a starfish during a leisurely beach walk, as the creatures sometimes live 400 meters away from the water. The five-armed invertebrates are a common sight living over jetties and pilings. Starfish can manage very easily in estuarine locales and also amid sand, stones, rough gravel and shells. Coral reefs are common locations for starfish.

Very Varied Water Depth

When it comes to depth of water, starfish also are extremely varied. Some starfish exist in very cold abyssal atmospheres while others live in intertidal areas. Although the animals run the gamut in terms of sea depth, they predominantly remain in relatively shallow waters.

Starfish Are Definitely Marine Creatures

Starfish are marine creatures through and through. The carnivorous invertebrates do not live in freshwater environments. A small selection of starfish reside in briny waters. Briny waters describe water bodies that have increased levels of salt compared with freshwater but nowhere near as high as saltwater.