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How to Prevent Insects in a Lizard Tank

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Reptile owners sometimes complain about the number of bugs attracted to their pet's habitat. This isn't something you have to live with. By practicing good cleaning habits and choosing the right habitat, you can keep your reptile's home free of bugs. Not only will these tips prevent bugs, but your reptile's habitat and health will also improve.

Remove Uneaten Food

Leaving food in your reptile's cage, especially fruits and vegetables, can attract a number of insects. Flies, ants and gnats will be drawn to the smell of the food. If the food is left in the cage long enough to rot, there will be an even larger chance that insects will overrun your pet's habitat. Feed your reptile as specified for its species and remove any uneaten food when the pet gets done eating. Also, clean the food and water dishes daily to remove food residue and keep them sanitary.

Clean Up Feces

Feces can be another attractant for insects, especially flies. Most reptiles will walk right through the mess and smear it all over the habitat. Feces should be cleaned up immediately to avoid odor and the spread of the feces. If you use carpet, scrub the carpet well to remove any feces. If you use sand, scoop the sand to remove any feces and debris.

Choose a Secure Habitat

Tanks with a separate mesh screen lid are common habitats for reptiles. While they provide security, they also fit loosely, which allows bugs to crawl between the edge of the tank and the screen. To better protect your reptile, choose a habitat that has a sliding screen on the top or sliding doors in the front. This won't keep all the bugs out as some will still be small enough to fit.

Do a Thorough Cage Cleaning

Each week, remove everything from the reptile's cage and thoroughly clean the habitat. This includes cleaning the basking rocks, cage carpet, hammocks, etc. Everything should be cleaned so that the habitat remains a sanitary place for your animals and doesn't attract bugs.