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Do Pearl Gouramis Need Floating Plants?

i Stockbyte/Stockbyte/Getty Images

Pearl gouramis (Trichogaster leeri) are family Belontiidae fish that originate in Malaysia, Indonesia and Thailand. Other common names for the fish are both lace gourami and leerii. These visually enticing fish typically display serene and pleasant temperaments, in spite of their somewhat big bodies. Pearl gouramis usually thrive in community tanks.

About Pearl Gouramis

Pearl gouramis generally grow to around 4 inches in length. For the most part, they are harmonious creatures. Occasionally, they can be slightly combative, but only with fellow gouramis, specifically males that are eager to mate. The pearl aspect of their moniker is a tribute to the luminous brown and white blots that exist all over their physiques, which are indeed reminiscent of the shiny spheres. Food-wise, pearl gouramis are omnivores and aren't choosy about their meals. Flakes are often a big component of their eating plans.

Floating Plants

In their natural living environments, pearl gouramis are used to plenty of thick vegetation. They often succeed in aquariums that are similar to their wild habitats, so floating plants -- and a good amount of them -- in the tank are an absolute must. Floating ferns usually work well for this purpose. Pearl gouramis' native haunts include slow streams and wetlands, both of which are generally heavy on water plants.


Floating plants not only emulate the ambiance of abundant vegetation, they also help greatly in keeping the lighting of the aquarium minimal. If pearl gouramis have access to these plants, they can easily venture off into spots that are a little bit dimmer. These fish find dimness soothing.


Pearl gouramis also appreciate floating plants as hiding areas. Since the males of the species can be somewhat territory-oriented, floating plants can serve as sanctuaries for the females -- a way to escape their fields of vision and persistent pursuit. Always make sure that pearl gouramis' living environments are equipped with suitable hiding locales.

Bubble Nests and Floating Plants

Male pearl gouramis establish bubble nests near the top of the water. Spawning activities occur directly below these nests, and the father pearl gouramis insert the wee eggs into them. To make these nests, the males employ bubbles that they produce themselves, which are covered by their mucus. They also sometimes use small pieces of plants. Floating plants are handy because they can help serve as sturdy frameworks for these nests.