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How to Make the Ultimate Obstacle Course for Rabbits

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Rabbits are a joy to play with. They have a great time with simple toys and enjoy learning new things. Pet stores sell toys made just for rabbits, but most rabbits are perfectly happy with a homemade obstacle course made from inexpensive materials. An obstacle course gives your rabbit the exercise needed to keep muscles strong and maintain a healthy weight.

Cardboard Box Ramps, Houses and Creations

Cardboard is an inexpensive, easy-to-find material for creating obstacles for your rabbit. Flip a cardboard box over and cut doors to make a house or tunnel for your rabbit to run through. You can stack boxes as steps or make short ramps with heavy-duty cardboard. Most bunnies love to shred cardboard, too, so it does double duty as a chew toy. As long as it doesn't contain poisonous dyes, cardboard is generally safe.


Rabbits love tunnels, which imitate the underground burrows in their natural environment. You can buy plastic, wood, timothy hay or cardboard tunnels at a pet store or online. Homemade tunnels are just as fun for rabbits. You can make a rabbit tunnel by cutting up a large cardboard tube from a hardware store or rolling up poster board.

Rabbit Jumps

Rabbits can easily jump a foot or more in the air. You can buy rabbit jumps at pet stores or online to give your pet practice. These jumps vary greatly in height. You can also build jumping obstacles with wood or cardboard. Rabbits enjoy jumping obstacles, but can hurt themselves if they fall, so be cautious when putting jumps in your obstacle course.

Rabbit Agility Course

All rabbits enjoy a fun obstacle course because of their natural interest in hiding, jumping and burrowing. There is also a professional sport for rabbits called "rabbit agility" or "rabbit hopping." This sport is competetive and involves an obstacle course made completely of different kinds of jumps, increasing in difficulty. If you are building an obstacle course for rabbit agility training, you should consult the official guidebook from the competition you are entering.