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Will Loud Noises Stress Out a Snake?

i Thinkstock/Stockbyte/Getty Images

Almost everybody knows that snakes don’t have exterior ears, a fact that prompts lots of folks to wonder whether they can hear. These remarkable critters actually have two auditory pathways, enabling them to detect sound as vibrations through the air and in the ground. Although snakes don’t typically display physical reactions to things that annoy them, small irritants such as repeated loud noises can stress them and eventually lead to major health problems.

All Shook Up

Loud noises that seem insignificant to you can stress pet snakes -- paving the primrose path to big trouble. Because it’s a given that the only way to properly listen to any strong bass music such as rock and roll and hip hop is wide open, consider using headphones when you’re hanging out and digging on rowdy tunes. Not only does loud noise assault the poor snake with disturbing airwaves, it rocks and rolls his body with the driving beat of powerful bass rhythms blasting through your floor. Your snake needs a more peaceful scene such as a quiet room free of the excessive noise and goings-on that upset and stress him.

Shook Me

Because your snake can’t tell you when he’s stressed, observe him closely every day for anything out of the ordinary. Monitor the animal’s feeding habits and be on the lookout if he suddenly eats more or less than usual. Check the frequency and consistency of his pee and poop. Stress may even disrupt a snake’s shedding schedule.