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Life Cycle of the Flamingo

| Updated September 26, 2017

Flamingos live in large colonies reaching 10,000 in number. The flock consists of 1,000's of pairs, couples that have mated for life. That same commitment can be seen in caring for their offspring.


The life cycle begins at mating. The courtship rituals involves such things as head bobbing, the display of feathers and various calls.


Before laying her eggs, the female will build a nest in the mud. She will lay one or two eggs watched over by both birds.


When the young chicks hatch they look little like flamingos. They have straight bills and are gray. They do make unique vocalizations that their parents can identify.

Leaving the Nest

The chicks will be able to leave the nest in about 75 days. By the time they can swim, they are growing feathers for flight.


The chicks will reach adult size in about 21 months. In another 2 years they will have their adult plumage, ready to begin their own mating.