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What Kind of Nests Do Finches Make?

i John Foxx/Stockbyte/Getty Images

Dozens of different types of finches can be found throughout North America. Finches are highly adaptable birds and one of the reasons that they are so easy to find and recognize is that finches are capable of building a nest almost anywhere. In fact, finches are notorious for setting up house in areas that are already inhabited by human beings. If you are looking for finch nests, chances are you are not going to have to look far.

Basic Nest Construction

The basic finch nest is round, concave and relatively small compared to the nests of larger types of birds. The nests are usually run the same size and shape of a cup. The traditional nest is built out of twigs, leaves, grasses and other natural vegetation. The standard finch nest is located 5 feet or more above ground, in an area that offers the birds protection from predators.

Improvised Nesting

Finches are not picky about where they nest and they tend to make use out of whatever resources that are available to them. It is not uncommon to find a finch has build a nest in an evergreen wreath hanging on your porch, your hanging or potted plants or even light fixtures. It is normal for finches to build their nests under the roofs that humans have already constructed; roofed buildings provide extra protection from the elements and predators. It is normal to find finch nests near the roof of a house, porch, in a barn or a garage.

Bird Houses

If you have a lot of finches in your area and enjoy watching them, you may want to put out birdhouses for them to build their nests inside. Finches can live in a wide assortment of birdhouses but they tend to prefer those with enclosed sides and small circular or U-shaped openings. The finches will fill the birdhouse with natural nesting materials that they find within the environment. If you want your finches to settle down in a birdhouse you have provided, you may want to position it near a bird feeder.

Nests in Captivity

Captive finches, such as zebra finches, can either build their own nests out of materials that you provide or you can provide an entire nest. Captive finches may choose to modify existing items within their living enclosure, including seed dishes and bowls. If you are in doubt about whether or not your finches are comfortable within their nests, provide them with nesting material, such as clean and shredded burlap so they can modify the nests to meet their comfort needs.