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What Kind of Frogs Live on Dry Land?

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Frogs who live on dry land are commonly referred to as land frogs, terrestrial frogs or toads. The order Anura includes frogs and toads. Although several species of frogs live on land, most start off in an aquatic environment as tadpoles, before leaving the water for marshland or vegetative land. Terrestrial frogs live primarily on dry land, they are carnivores, and they're often larger than aquatic frogs.

Leopard Frog

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Leopard frogs can grow to 5 inches in length, and they are the more slender of the land frogs. These frogs range in color from brown to green, and they are easily identified by light green stripes running down either side of their backs, as well as a light green stripe along their jawlines. These carnivores hunt at night. Food for a leopard frog consists of earthworms, spiders and various large insects.

Red-Legged Walking Frog

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The red-legged walking frog, Kassina maculata, is part of a family of frogs known for their mode of travel. Instead of hopping or leaping like most frogs, the red-legged walking frog walks or runs on hind legs. These frogs are terrestrial; many live in trees. Red-legged walking frogs are a mottled gray, with their namesake red found only tucked beneath their hips and armpits.

American Bullfrog

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The proud and loud American bullfrog is the largest North American frog, and it can tip the scales at several pounds. These fat green-to-gray frogs are easily identified by their large, round tympana, or eardrums, on either side of their heads. Males are known for their aggressive and territorial behavior. These nocturnal land frogs will eat anything smaller and mobile, from rats and mice to fish, birds and even other frogs.

Pac-Man Frog

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Pac-Man frogs, also known as ornate horned frogs, are renowned for their distinguishing physical characteristic: Their mouths are as wide as their bodies. Short and squat, the Pac-Man frog is content to sit in one spot, waiting for food to come near. Sporting two rows of sharp teeth on the upper jaw, the Pac-Man frog is not afraid to take on prey that's larger than he is. These frogs come in a range of colors from green to orange, and they can live up to 15 years in captivity.