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How to Treat Eye Infection in Pigs

| Updated August 11, 2017

Things You'll Need

  • Colloidal silver

  • Gentamicin eye drops

  • Antibiotic ointment

  • Chloralean


  • Eye injuries to the pigs caused by hay pokes or accidents should be immediately reported to a vet, to avoid any chance of vision impairment.

Eye infection in pigs, or cherry eye, is quiet similar to conjunctivitis occurring in humans, with the most common symptoms being redness, swelling and pain. Cherry eye should be differentiated from pea eye, which is characterized by protrusion of the conjunctival sac. Though cataracts (except congenital cataracts) affect older hogs, entropion affects the younger ones. Entropion is the condition that exhibits a painful corneal ulcer in eye. Microphthalmia is a congenital disorder encountered in the pigs in which either the eyes are very small or at times even absent. The affected pig may encounter restricted vision access or complete blindness. Treating these infections is fairly straightforward and can be undertaken by anyone.

Get a saline irrigation solution or colloidal silver from the nearby drugstore. Put a few drops in the pig’s eye; they will relieve the cherry eye infection caused by foreign particles. Get gentamicin eye drops for the swellings induced by infection.

Apply ophthalmic antibiotic ointment and eye drops like Gentocin help reduce redness of the eye of a pig suffering from pea eye. Excessive protrusion of the eye can be treated with laser procedures.

Get antibiotic Chloralean from the nearby drugstore and put a few drops in the pig’s eye to relieve the ulceration occurring in a hog with entropion.