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How to Play With a Pet Lizard

| Updated September 26, 2017

How to Play With a Pet Lizard. Lizards aren't pets that enjoy much interactive play. Instead, most lizards find the most happiness in a solitary life and see playtime as something to be merely tolerated. When you follow a few guidelines, though, you can help your pet lizard enjoy a short play session each day. Read on to learn how to play with a pet lizard.

Adopt a lizard that enjoys being handled. By nature, most lizard species are solitary. A few species, like iguanas and water dragons, can learn to enjoy being handled, and some individuals in each species may enjoy being handled as well.

Speak softly to your pet lizard whenever you're around her so she doesn't see you as a threat or as a source of stress.

Choose a time of day for play when your pet is active. As you get to know your lizard, you become acquainted with the best time for a play session.

Lizard-proof the play area, closing doors and windows, removing anything that your lizard's feet could get caught in and putting away sharp or otherwise dangerous objects.

Handle your pet lizard carefully as you take him to the play area. Support his body fully and never pick him up by his head or tail.

Do what your lizard wants to do rather than what you want to do. If you have a pet who enjoys climbing, encourage her to climb during the play session. If your lizard loves water, give her a small pool. Interact with your lizard as she does what she enjoys, but don't interrupt her.

Provide special treats during play to emphasize that interacting with you is enjoyable. Give treats during play that you don't give at any other time to make playtime especially rewarding for your pet lizard.

Play with your pet lizard each day so he remains socialized and comfortable interacting with you.