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How to Keep Snakes Away From a House

| Updated November 01, 2017

Things You'll Need

  • Snake repelling product

  • Rodent traps

  • Caulk

  • Caulk gun

Finding a snake in your yard or in your house is a scary sight, no matter what type of slithery creature it is. Poisonous or not, few people want to deal with a snake. While it may seem impossible to keep these creatures away from your house, there are proven methods that help.

Purchase a snake repelling product. Many powders and liquids are available at your local garden store. These claim to keep snakes away if you spread evenly around your property. However, many find that they don’t repel all types of snakes.

Remove cool areas for snakes to hide. Snakes spend a great deal of their time coiled under large rocks and brush. Anyone with familiarity of snakes knows these are favorite hiding places. If these areas are removed from around your home, snakes have fewer places to relax and fewer reasons to stay.

Control the insect and rodent populations. This means spraying for bugs and setting and cleaning many rodent traps around your property. These two are a snake’s primary food source. Theoretically, if there is nothing to eat and nowhere to sleep around your house, the snake should not be a problem.

Create a snake fence around your property. This is at tightly coiled metal mesh fence, with ¼-inch openings. A proper fence should be dug six-inches deep and stand about two or three feet high, slanting outward. Clear any plants and brush around the fence that a snake could climb up.

Protect your basement from snakes as well. The cool, damp conditions inside a basement are ideal for snakes. Caulk any openings on the inside and outside of your basement to prevent snakes from entering.