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How Much Mineral Oil Should You Give Your Cat?

| Updated September 26, 2017

1 to 2 Teaspoons

According to Simple Pet Care, oral administration of 1 tsp. of mineral oil per day for three days can be used to control a cat's vomiting or constipation.

St Louis VMA suggests 1 to 2 tsp. of mineral oil for a feline enema (administering a fluid through the rectum for cleansing).

No Mineral Oil At All

Marvista Vet suggests that no amount of mineral oil should be administered to a cat, since, administered orally, it may be inhaled and can never be removed from the body. This causes life-long inflammation and immune system problems.

Even with an enema, the cat will groom itself and lick the mineral oil, thereby orally administering the mineral oil on its own.

There are less dangerous methods, according to Drs. Foster & Smith, including allowing the cat to chew cat grass and drink copious amounts of water.

Bottom Line

A maximum of 2 tsp. of mineral oil at a time is an effective aid to a cat's digestive system.

However, no administration of mineral oil should be given to a cat if the owner is more cautious about the pet‘s health (especially since there are safer alternatives).