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| Updated October 19, 2017

Killer Whales in the Wild

The killer whale is a black and white sea creature that is also known as an orca. They can live anywhere, but prefer cold waters, such as the Antarctic. They live off a diet of other animals that can range from small fish and sea creatures, like squid, to other whales. They can travel in a pack to attack a large whale and kill it for food. The orca is one of the predators of the sea, though normally we only think of sharks in this way. But there is no evidence that a killer whale will attack a human in the ocean. Many sailors have been dumped in the water among a pod of these creatures and no harm was done.

How Killer Whales Protect Themselves

Size and ferociousness are the key defense tactics these whales use for their own protection. Most animals instinctively know that the whale means business, and stay far away. They have sharp teeth and can charge other animals. Smashing into them, or tearing chunks from their bodies, they can quickly devour a sea animal. No one wants to mess with that kind of power!

Enemies of the Killer Whale

Killer whales don't have too many enemies when it comes to the ocean. They're pretty much at the top of the food chain and no one wants to have a go at them. But they do have predators, though attacks aren't that common. Some sharks may attack a killer whale, especially if it's not with its pack. Battles between great whites and the killer whale are a source of fascination for some people, and have been recorded and posted all over the internet. These two creatures are both strong killing machines, terrors of the waters they swim. Who will win in a battle between them? Humans as well are predators of the orca. Some hunt them, or kill them out of fear. But these creatures are only doing what they were born to do-- feed and stay alive.