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Gold Mystery Snail Feeding

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One of the most important elements to taking good care of a pet snail is knowing exactly how to feed him in order to ensure proper health and well-being. If you have a gold mystery snail in your life, fish food and fresh veggies are a very strong dietary foundation.

Scavenger Diet

Gold mystery snails are big scavengers and opportunistic feeders, and often eat whatever is left behind from pet fish. The tiny guys do very well on foods formulated for fish—in either pellet or flake form. Gold mystery snails also particularly enjoy feeding on decaying or already dead plant matter. If the snails have no access to any other sustenance, however, they will usually readily eat healthy and fresh plants as well.

Other Important Dietary Elements

It is crucial to make sure that your gold mystery snail has some of his own sustenance as well, and not just what he can scour from around the tank. A couple of suitable dietary components for gold mystery snails are tropical tablets, shrimp pellets and algae wafers. Cut any wafers up into small and manageable bits and distribute them as evenly as possible within the tank. This way it will be very easy for your gold mystery snail to access his food.

Fresh Vegetables

Gold mystery snails also tend to enthusiastically eat a lot of fresh vegetables. Some vegetables that these snails frequently eat are blanched leafy greens, romaine lettuce, cucumbers, spinach, carrots and canned green beans. Always make sure that the vegetables are totally fresh and carefully washed before feeding them to your gold mystery snail. Spinach is especially beneficial for the snails as it can provide them with valuable calcium.

Nighttime Feeding Habits

During the night hours, gold mystery snails often go on diligent quests to track down any remnants of plants that are deeply concealed by the mud. Remember, these snails prefer decomposing plant matter. Due to the fact that gold mystery snails typically ignore fresh plants, they are often a favorite for aquarium settings. They simply don't cause as much destruction to your landscaping.

Feeding Amount

When it comes to specific feeding amounts, experiment. Give your mystery snail one or two tablespoons of fish food, for example, and see how much is gone after a day or so. You'll soon figure out how much your snail requires per day. You may notice, however, that gold mystery snails require a little less sustenance during the fall and winter months. They simply use less energy during those times of the year.