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Does a Chimpanzee Hibernate or Migrate?

| Updated September 26, 2017

Chimpanzees are mammals, which allows them to neither hibernate or migrate unless by choice. These animals are 98.5 percent identical to humans, therefore they live their lives much like humans do. Chimpanzees often stay in the same general location their entire lives unless it is necessary to migrate.

Why Chimpanzees Migrate

Chimpanzees live in small groups within defined territories, and only migrate as a last resort. If the food supply runs low or the animals are hunted, the group is forced to migrate to another location where they can have food and shelter. If a group thrives and becomes overly populated, some chimpanzees will leave their group for a smaller group that will accept them.

Process of Migration

Chimpanzees completely abandon their living sites and tools when they migrate. Taking only themselves, these mammals usually walk on all fours to search for new territory. Depending on their habitat, chimpanzees have the option to either knuckle-walk, or swing from branch to branch efficiently.

Where Chimpanzees Migrate

Chimpanzees search for open land and woodland vegetation to use for habitual nesting and feeding grounds. Often, if a location with all the needed resources is discovered, more than one group of chimpanzees will share the land.