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How to Carry a Hamster Without It Biting

i Creatas Images/Creatas/Getty Images

A fuzzy little hamster scurrying along your arm and into your shirt pocket is a fun way to share time with your pet, but a sharp bite quickly puts an end to the fun. If you've just brought your hammy home from the pet store, he just might need a few days to settle in to return him to a more docile attitude. When he's had time to adjust to his new surroundings, you can avoid putting him in a defensive state of mind through proper handling.

Scoop Him Up

Carrying your hamster begins with picking him up. Cup your hand palm side up on the bottom of the cage and scoop up your hamster from underneath, cupping your other hand over him. Move slowly to avoid frightening your hamster and don't grab him from the top, as that is how a predator attacks and he may bite to defend himself. Handle your hamster daily and he'll soon be used to the routine and jump into your hand eager to begin playtime.

Settle Him Down

If your hamster has not been handled, he will be more likely to bite you when you try to pick him up. Use the eraser end of a pencil to get him used to being touched. When he is used to you reaching into his cage, feed him treats in the palm of your hand. Pick him up in a cup or his food bowl, guiding him in with the pencil eraser. Shape a towel into a bowl shape to carry him in your arms or sit him on your lap. You can let him crawl into your shirt pocket, as he will feel secure when he is hidden and be unlikely to bite.