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Care of a Red Rump Parakeet

| Updated September 26, 2017

The red rump parakeet, a native to Australia, lives for up to 20 years and grows to around 11 inches. A suitable bird for a beginner, this parakeet is fairly easy to care for. They can be aggressive, so they are best kept singly or in pairs.


Red rumps need plenty of wing exercise, so they enjoy a fairly large, oblong aviary. The parakeets should have nontoxic leafy branches for perching and chewing, and outdoor aviaries should contain a dry, frost-proof shelter. To maintain the bird's feathers in good condition, caretakers should provide clean bathing water daily.


Red rump parakeets like to forage off the ground. They require plenty of fresh fruit -- including apples, pears and oranges -- and green leafy vegetables. A good seed mixture is small parrot mix, combined with canary seed and a little sunflower seed. You must also provide cuttlefish bone and grit.


This species is hardy, but is prone to worm infestations. Take your birds to the veterinarian regularly for deworming.


Producing between four and seven eggs per clutch, red rump parakeets breed well in captivity. They need a nesting box lined with nontoxic sawdust or wood shavings. Remove juveniles as soon as they are independent, thus preventing attack by the cock bird.