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Can a Crocodile Stick Out Its Tongue?

i Anup Shah/Photodisc/Getty Images

To many people, alligators and crocodiles look very much alike. They are two distinct species with many notable differences. While both have tongues, only the alligator can stick his out.

Crocodile Tongues

A crocodile's tongue doesn't move. It is held in place at the roof of the mouth by a membrane. Because crocodiles spend so much time underwater, the tongue helps keep the throat closed, protecting the animal's airway. Unlike other species, the tongue plays no part in feeding.

Crocodile Ingestion

Crocodile are true carnivores, eating no plant materials. In their native Africa, they prey upon and consume many large mammals, catching them when they stop to drink or cross rivers. Crocodiles do in smaller prey species with a quick snap of their powerful jaws. Larger prey might succumb to a series of deep, crushing bites.