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Birds That Eat Flies & Mosquitoes

| Updated September 26, 2017

Birds that can catch insects in midair are considered the best type of bird to feed on mosquitoes and flies. Some birds only feed on insects. while other birds supplement their diets with berries, seeds and other plant materials. Having the right type of bird near your home can help reduce mosquito and fly populations, making outdoor areas more enjoyable.

Tree Swallows

Tree swallows are a bird that feeds primarily on flying insects, including horseflies, mosquitoes, beetles, moths and grasshoppers. Tree swallows will feed on berries during the winter when these insects are not available for food. This species of bird can be found all over North America, ranging from Alaska south to California and Nebraska and east to Maryland. They do prefer wet living areas like flooded meadows, marshes, lake shores, streams and open areas near woods.

Eastern Kingbirds

Eastern kingbirds are considered a fly-catching bird, which means they catch flying insects to feed on. This species will eat mostly insects during the spring and summer when insects are prevalent. There are over 200 different types of insects that eastern kingbirds will eat, including mosquitoes and different types of flies. They live in most of the continental United States with the exception of California and Arizona, but they are rarer on the West Coast and southeastern United States.


Chickadees have a diet that consists of seeds, berries and insects. Wasps, mosquitoes, flies, other insects and caterpillars are part of a chickadee’s diet throughout the year. During summer months the chickadees diet will consist of between 80 to 90 percent insects. During the winter months, plant matter and seeds will make up nearly 50 percent of their diet. Chickadees are common throughout the United States.

Barn Swallows

Barn swallows are an insectivore, meaning they only feed on insects. Insects that barn swallows feed on include mosquitoes, different types of flies, grasshoppers, moths, beetles and other types of flying insects. Barn swallows will catch flying prey by chasing after it and zigzagging through the air while in pursuit. Barn swallows are common in North America, and are usually found on farmland, near or in suburbs, marshes and lake shores.